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A Must-Have Resource for Writers

Anyone with a thought toward having their work published, whether traditionally or not, needs to view themselves not only as a writer but also as an entrepreneur. After all, you have something to sell – unless of course you are giving away your work to the public. Which most of us will not be doing. This means you are or will be a businessperson as well as a writer.

When I entered into the business world of writing, it was intimidating to say the least. Through a subscription to The Hot Sheet, I became familiar with the professional world of publishing, getting published, and all things having to do with the industry as a whole. Jane Friedman, producer of The Hot Sheet, utilizes her many years in the publishing industry as an executive at HarperCollins to respected panelist, to trusted consultant, to churn out this gem for anyone wanting a look behind the curtain of a business that his many hidden facets.

The Hot Sheet is an email newsletter the delivers remarkable industry insights to professional authors every two weeks. It’s modeled on the financial-advice newsletters that Wall Street types read, and the Publishers Lunch newsletter that many book publishing professionals receive.

Or, as agent Michael Larsen has said, “The Hot Sheet is like The Economist for publishing, only easier to read.”

Continuously published since 2015, the purpose of The Hot Sheet is to provide top-grade publishing industry analysis to authors (both traditional and self-published), freelance editors and writers, as well as those serving writers and publishers—such as literary agents and ghostwriters.

What’s made The Hot Sheet so popular are these key features:

Unbiased coverage and perspective

The Hot Sheet is unattached to any publishing company, advocacy organization, or nonprofit. It provides a 360-degree perspective on issues affecting authors and helps you understand different points of view in the industry.

Drama free

Social media and comment threads can be an emotionally charged center of opinion. The Hot Sheet provides analysis, not judgments.


The Hot Sheet subscribes to all the key publications, blogs, newsletters, and industry reports. They select the most significant information—that has the potential to affect your career or decision-making process—and break it down into meaningful takeaways. Get the right information fast, then get back to writing.

Original reporting

The Hot Sheet investigates issues of importance to authors and write about trends not covered by other publications. Industry pros, such as agents, subscribe so they can be well-informed on behalf of their clients.

The Result

I have subscribed to The Hot Sheet for over a year now. Disclosure: I am now an affiliate. I have found it to be well worth the investment. There is not only value in the type of information I get every two weeks, but I gain confidence as an entrepreneur with every issue. I know that my general fund of knowledge about the industry is being strengthened, the result being that I am able to listen with an ear of understanding when in conversation with agents, publishers, and professional writers.

And last but not least, I must give a nod to The Hot Sheet for the valuable information I was able to utilize when I finally landed a book contract. A TIDE OF DREAMS: The Untold Back Story of Coaches Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant, Carney Laslie and Frank Moseley, will be available March, 2022, with a release date in June, 2022.

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