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What’s So Scary About AI? The Bare Bones Truth…

By Carey Henry Keefe | Oct 30, 2023

I visited my hometown of Springfield, Virginia recently and happened upon a Halloween inspired football game played by skeletons displayed creatively in a front yard. I decided to have some… Read More → A photo for post titled: History of Alabama Football: A story too good for Crimson Tide fans to miss

History of Alabama Football: A story too good for Crimson Tide fans to miss

By Carey Henry Keefe | Jun 20, 2023

The following article was written by Ronald Evans, published online at in 2022: No matter how long any of us have followed Alabama Football, there are stories about people… Read More →


By Carey Henry Keefe | Jan 2, 2023

This past week I received an email from Paul Karem, an ex-Kentucky football player, who, after reading A TIDE OF DREAMS, sent me a link to the documentary BLACK IN… Read More → The Paul Finebaum Show

Featured on the Paul Finebaum Show

By JWAdmin-4-CarePlan | Nov 30, 2022

Paul is a nationally syndicated ESPN sports radio host and being on his show and his endorsement on air was huge! Here’s a 5-minute radio clip of my time on… Read More → How This Book Was Made

On a Slow Boat…

By Carey Henry Keefe | Aug 1, 2022

My publisher recently made the decision to move the release date of A TIDE from August 5 to October 1, in the middle of the 2022 football season, and also… Read More →

My Most Frequently Asked Question..

By Carey Henry Keefe | Jun 7, 2022

Lately, friends and family have been asking me quite frequently, “Why are you still editing? I thought the book was finished??!” It is puzzling. Why- after eight years of research… Read More →

When ‘The Bear’ Was A Bulldog

By Carey Henry Keefe | Jan 10, 2022

The matchup between Alabama and Georgia, respectively the #1 and#3 ranked teams in the nation, for the 2022 National Championship couldn’t be more anticipated – especially for those fans of… Read More → Upcoming Release - Available June 2022: The Untold Backstory of Coaches Paul "Bear" Bryant, Carney Laslie, and Frank Mosely Book: A Tide of Dreams by Carey Henry Keefe Published by Koehler Books

The Untold Story of how College Football won WWII

By Carey Henry Keefe | Dec 26, 2021

The Navy Pre-Flight schools of WWII, a little known but vital component of the war effort, is a major underpinning of the story told by A TIDE OF DREAMS. The… Read More → Laslie's Long-gone National Championship Ring Finds It's Way Back Home

A Tide of Dreams: Journey to Publication

By Carey Henry Keefe | Nov 9, 2021

All writers embark upon their own journey when they set out to tell a story. For me, it has involved events and circumstances leading to discoveries of information which lent… Read More →

A Must-Have Resource for Writers

By Carey Henry Keefe | Oct 27, 2021

Anyone with a thought toward having their work published, whether traditionally or not, needs to view themselves not only as a writer but also as an entrepreneur. After all, you… Read More →